A Quick Bath With A Foam Cannon

Everyone online will tell you the “best way ever” to wash your car, when in fact there really are different strokes for different folks. Some use the “two bucket method” some use no method at all and just attack it like they are cleaning the concrete on their back patio with a brush, power washer, and bleach.

We want to give you some tips on an easy way we have found to wash your ride without having to use a bucket.

What you need.

- Shady Spot

- Water Source

- Foam Cannon Or Foam Blaster

- Woah Foam ( wash/wax )

- Wash Mitt

- Drying Towels (microfiber)

Step 1. Take your Sudsdirect Foam Cannon Or Foam Blaster and fill it with 2-4 oz of Woah Foam, fill the rest of the bottle with water. Spray thick foam on your ride and on your wash mitt.

Step 2. Start by using the soapy mitt on your car, go panel by panel starting at the top flat panels and working your way down to the dirtiest parts. Make sure to use your water source and rinse your wash mitt after every section you wash.

(Note: Use your foam to keep the car saturated on every section before the final rinse, this way you avoid water/dry soap spots.)

Step 3. After your whole car has been hit with the wash mitt, head to the nastiest part... those wheels!

Use the Foam Cannon/Blaster to soak the wheels/tires and wipe them down with your wash mitt. (Rinse in between wheels)

Step 4. After you’ve washed your whole car it is important to rinse and dry it immediately to avoid water spots and streaks. Start with the spots that are most immediately hot by sunlight, then move to water in the shade! Taking a mental note of this will help you Dry your car easier!

(Note: if you come across an obvious dirty spot on your paint while drying, DO NOT USE YOUR DRYING TOWEL. Use a different microfiber with quick detailer to get them. Using your drying towel could result in unnecessary contact with your paint and dirt!

Step 5. Stand back and admire that beautiful ride you own!

Hopefully this helped you a bit or gave you some good inspiration for the next time you go to wash your ride! We have linked all the products mentioned above in some convenient links right below here!

Click Here-> Foam Cannon Or Foam Blaster

Click Here-> Woah Foam ( wash/wax )

Click Here-> Wash Mitt

Click Here-> Microfiber Drying Towels

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